“Technica” Coffee Syphon

“Technica” Coffee Syphon


“Technica” Coffee Syphon For Sale

The “Technica” Coffee Syphon has been in use for centuries. With the addition of a contemporary design and premium components, we have upgraded a venerable and famous gadget. The Technica Syphon is well known for its distinctive heatproof glass, sleek design, and recognizable appearance.

How does it work?

A metal and resin platform that holds the brewer above an open flame or halogen burner supports the Coffee Syphon “Technica”. Water rises to the top chamber due to pressure building when the water in the bottom bowl heats up. When the required level of extraction is reached, the heat source is turned off, and the coffee filters back into the bottom bowl, leaving a clear, well-balanced cup. Coffee is made in the top bowl.

What is a Hario Technica Coffee Syphon used for?

A Hario Technica Coffee Syphon maker’s ability to brew a full information style of coffee and filter the grounds well, leaving a generally clean, flawless cup, depends on gas expansion and contraction theory. Water vapor is the only gas involved.

Is Coffee Siphon Technica better?

FAQ About Is Coffee Siphon Technica Better

Suppose you want something to sip and appreciate. In that case, Coffee Siphon Technica is a terrific option because it has a flavor that is undoubtedly more rich and full-bodied than other brewing techniques. In a vacuum maker, coffee is more like a “fine wine” experience where you can appreciate the different flavors.


Item Number: TCA-5

Size: W160×D110×H360mm

Capacity: 600ml

Upper Bowl, Lower Bowl: Heatproof Glass

Packing: Silicone Rubber

Fastener: Brass

Stand: Stainless Steel, Iron, Zinc Alloy, Phenol Resin

Burner Cover, Filter: Stainless Steel

Windbreak: Aluminum

Alcohol Lamp Holder, Cover, and Upper Bowl Stand, Measuring Spoon: Polypropylene


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