Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base

Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base


Designed with ergonomics in mind, Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base, Pullman Palm Tamper fits snugly into the palm of your hand, offering superior comfort and control during tamping. The combination of premium materials and expert craftsmanship makes this tamper a reliable and long-lasting tool, ready to withstand the demands of even the busiest coffee shops.

Welcome to the world of precision coffee brewing! Introducing the revolutionary “Pullman Palm Tamper with Big Step Base” – a game-changing tool designed to elevate your coffee-making experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered for ultimate consistency, this tamper is an indispensable companion for amateur baristas and seasoned coffee enthusiasts.

Behind every perfect espresso shot lies the art of tamping, a crucial step that demands precision and finesse. With the Pullman Palm Tamper, achieving an even and uniform tamp has always been challenging. The centerpiece of this remarkable tamper is its innovative Big Step Base, PUSH Adjustable Depth Tamper carefully crafted to ensure an optimal fit for Pullman Palm Tamper with Bigstep 58.55mm a wide range of portafilters.  A flawless, channel-free extraction that unlocks the true potential of your favorite coffee beans.

What size tamper is best?

The ideal tamper should be smaller than the inside diameter of the portafilter basket so that the tamper BigStep Palm tamper does not get stuck when compressing the soil; basically, there should be extra space between the tamper and the basket.

Are palm rammers better?

Using a palm tamper, push down with the palm of your hand. With a regular tamper, you grab a handle and push it down. Winner: The palm manipulator is a clear winner because it keeps the wrist in a more natural position. However, you will notice the difference if you make a lot of espresso.

What is a palm tamper?

Due to their appearance, palm rammers, sometimes also called disc Pullman BigStep Palm Tamper rammers have a simple appearance that belies their clever design. They are calibrated to tamp down to a certain depth, which you can set to match your dosage using an adjustment mechanism.

  • 58.55 mm base sized to snugly fit VST ridgeless baskets and Pullman baskets (may not fit ridged baskets)
  • Designed to tamp level every time by aligning with the basket rim
  • Evenly compacts coffee with little side-wall residue
  • Patent-pending stepped piston design reduces suction when removing tamper – no more dislodged pucks!
  • Adjustable tamping depth from 7.5-14 mm – no tools required!
  • Comfortable palm handle eases arm strain from repetitive tamping
  • Durable 630 grade stainless steel tamper base
  • Made in Australia



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