Hario V60 Range Server

Hario V60 Range Server


What’s in the Box

  • Glass range server
  • Glass lid with rubber seal

Hario V60 Range Server For Sale

The typical carafe for manual brewing in homes and cafes is now the Hario V60 Range Server. To maximize heat stability, tough glass is combined with a glass lid and rubber seal and shaped to match the design of the V60 dripper. They come in three useful sizes, and any one of them will look lovely in your pour-over arrangement.

The XGS-60TB Hario V60 Glass Range Coffee Server by Hario is made entirely of heatproof glass. But its elegant and modern design is ideal for coffee or tea lovers. The cover is microwaveable and works with other Hario V60 Glass Range Coffee Server series goods.

What is special about V60 Range Server 600?

The V60 Range Server 600 has gained popularity during the past few years. It produces distinct flavors and smells, enabling coffee drinkers to appreciate even the most delicate flavors. But it makes the V60 Range Server 600 one of the preferred brewing techniques for specialty coffee. You can create an amazingly excellent cup of coffee in just three minutes.

Is V60 Range Server Clear dishwasher safe?

The top V60 Range Server Clear from Hario for making and serving fine pour-over coffee. Borosilicate glass “Bee Hive” pattern that resists odor and color transfer. Sizes 360ml, 600ml, and 800ml are safe for the dishwasher and microwave. 


  • Thick, Japanese-made glass.
  • Clear lid with rubber insert.
  • Compatible with size 01, 02, or 03 V60 drippers.
  • 360-, 600-, or 800-ml capacity (select from options above).
  • Microwave-safe.

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360mL, 60mL, 800mL


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