Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02

Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02


Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02 For Sale

Pour-Over coffee makers, like the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02, are similar to drip coffee makers but require manual operation. It’s made by the Japanese company Hario and is famous for its recognizable 60-degree V-shaped dripper, which should clarify how it got its name. It has been around for some time and has become extremely popular due to its capacity to make a quality cup of coffee.

Why are The Best Hario V60 Coffee Drippers?

Specialty Cone Shape Coffee Dripper

LIKE MANY OTHER POUR-OVER DRIPPERS, the Hario V60 Coffee Drippers adopts a conical design to direct the hot water toward the center. For the best flavor extraction, it can come into good touch with the grinds in this manner. The Hario V60 Coffee Drippers is unique among drippers because of its 60-degree V-shaped design, which is uncommon. But this innovative layout maximizes water flow and extends the brewing period.

What volume are V60 Ceramic Colour Drippers?

The V60 Ceramic Colour Drippers will unquestionably work. It features a 1000ml (34oz) capacity, plenty to hold coffee warmly for 3–4 people, and a black plastic top to retain heat and avoid spills.

What is the difference between Hario 02 and 03?

The sizes of Hario drippers are 01, 02, and 03. Sizes 01 and 02 hold 1-2 cups, 1-4 cups, and 1-6 cups, respectively. Size 03 holds 1-6 cups. But the most obvious consideration regarding size or brewing capacity is how many cups of Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper you want to create in each pour-over.


Plastic V60 02 Ceramic V60 02 Glass V60 02 Steel V60 02
Advantage The plastic V60 offers better insulation than ceramic or glass, ensuring better temperature stability. The ceramic V60 features high-quality ceramic showcased by its glossy appearance. The glass V60 allows the brewer to view the entire extraction process through the side wall of the dripper. The steel V60 is strong and lightweight, adding durability to the V60’s signature design.
Summary The Durable design is ideal for the accident-prone. The style of the ceramic V60 02 will fit perfectly in any environment. Thick glass with a removable plastic base. Stainless steel with a removable silicone base.
Dimensions W. 137mm × D. 116mm × H. 102mm
Weight: 200g
W. 140mm × D. 120mm × H. 102mm
Weight: 400g
W. 128mm × D. 115mm × H. 95mm
Weight: 400g
W. 145mm × D. 120mm × H. 90mm
SKU Plastic V60 02:
VD-02T (Clear)
VD-02R (Red)
VD-02W (White)
Ceramic V60 02:
Glass V60 02:
VDG-02B (Black)
VDG-02R (Red)
VDG-02W (White)
Steel V60 02:
VDM-02HSV (Silver)
VDM-02MB (Matte Black)

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Matte Black, White, Red, Silver, Pink, Clear, Black


Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Steel


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