Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat

Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat


Manufacturer: Cafelat
Model: 23120

Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat For Sale

For your espresso preparation area, the Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat is ideal. Details This corner Cafelat espresso tamping mat lies at the edge of your tabletop, facilitating easier, more precise tamping. The FDA-approved silicone used to make the tamping pad may be easily cleaned if coffee spills.

What is a Cafelat Silicone Mat?

In cafes, Cafelat Silicone Mat is a typical sight. However, they should be more frequently noticed in the home barista setup. Espresso tamper mats are made to stop repeated tamping from harming your counter and portafilter.

What is a black corner tamping mat?

Rubber pad with a 90-degree corner edge for preparing and black corner tamping mat that rests over the edge of your countertops to protect them from damage. Whether you’re a barista, cafe owner, or home brewer, an espresso tamping mat is essential to streamlining your processes and enhancing the quality of your coffee.

What is the benefit of a Cafelat Corner Mat?

A proper tamp provides resistance when Cafelat Corner Mat is evenly compacted, forcing the brewing water to work harder to completely soak the grounds and extract all the flavors. Customers anticipate a robust flavor and a rich texture from a high-quality espresso, and these characteristics are produced by the water pressure pulling oils from the grounds.

  • For those who like to tamp on the corner of the counter, a solution.
  • Defends countertops from portafilter spouts as well.
  • It measures 8′′ long at its longest point, which is the corner edge of the mat. The mat on top of the counter is 5.5′′ wide overall (from edge to edge). There is a 2″ downturn.


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