Acaia Pearl Model S Brewing Scale

Acaia Pearl Model S Brewing Scale


Acaia Pearl Model S Brewing Scale Online

The Acaia Pearl Model S Brewing Scale can display step-by-step brew guides from your favorite roasters, auto-tare and auto-start a timer, and even help you learn to pour better.

Acaia’s newest addition to their scale lineup boasts a solid set of new features and internal hardware – including a brighter dot matrix display and a longer-lasting battery with up to 40 hours of operating life. Core to the new Acaia Pearl Model S Professional-Grade experience is Brewguides, recipes that can be loaded onto the scale using the companion app that brew along with you step-by-step. 

Recipes can be crafted by anyone with the app, including roasters, pro baristas, and home enthusiasts, so making and sharing your best recipes couldn’t be easier. Each recipe can include steps that work directly with the scale, including weighing grinds and pours, waiting for a bloom to finish, and allowing for a quick stir of the slurry.

By default, the scale includes the following modes enabled:

  • Weight mode: Displays the weight in grams.
  • Timer mode: Displays the weight in grams and a timer up to 9:59.
  • Portafilter mode: Auto-tares the weight of a portafilter, then displays grams when the portafilter is returned to the scale.
  • Espresso mode: Auto-tares the weight of a cup placed on the scale, then auto-starts a timer when the flow of espresso into the cup is detected. Stops the timer and displays the final weight when the cup is removed.
  • Flow rate mode: Displays a timer, weight in grams, and flow rate in grams/second.
  • Flow rate practice mode: Displays flow rate in grams/second and a visual graph representing the flow rate displayed.
  • Brew guide mode: Hold the T button for one second to begin brewing with the most recent store brew recipe. Double-tap the Power button to exit.

Brew guide App:

Acaia’s Brewguide app is designed as a companion to the Acaia Pearl Model S Scale. Available on both iOS and Android mobile devices, it connects to your Acaia Pearl Model S Scale via Bluetooth to manage your favorite brewing recipes and customize your scale experience. 

From the app, you can search, create, and share brew recipes and send the recipe directly to your scale to brew step-by-step. You can also customize your scale features by turning brewing modes on or off, setting the screen brightness and auto-off timer, setting your desired display units, and even creating your welcome message for when the scale is turned on.

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What’s in the box:

  • Acaia Pearl Model S
  • Heat-resistant silicone pad
  • Micro USB charging cable


  • 3000-gram capacity, 0.1-gram resolution
  • 2 ms response time
  • Touch-sensitive Power and Tare buttons
  • Dot matrix LCD screen
  • Brew guides: brew your favorite recipes with prompts for each step
  • Flow rate mode: perfect your pours with grams per second helpfully displayed
  • Spill-proof surface
  • Rubberized base to prevent slipping
  • USB rechargeable internal battery with up to 40-hour life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

Acaia Brewguide App Features

  • Available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • Find, create, and share brew recipes for your favorite coffees and brewing devices.
  • Customize your scale: add or remove your desired brewing modes, set units to g/oz or C/F, and even add your custom Hello message.
  • Send brew recipes directly to your Acaia Pearl S scale to brew step-by-step.


Manufacturer: Acaia
Model: Pearl S
Capacity: 3000 grams
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion. Up to 40 hr runtime
Charging port: Micro-USB
Length: 6.2″
Width: 6.2″
Height: 1.25″
Weight: 1.3 lbs.
Manufacturer warranty: 1 year


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