Acaia New Pearl White – Coffee Scale

Acaia New Pearl White – Coffee Scale


Acaia New Pearl White – Coffee Scale

A professional-grade scale made exclusively for pour-over brewing techniques is the Acaia New Pearl White. Perfect for baristas at home, coffee shops, and professionals. While coffee is brewing, the Pearl S tracks weight and time and provides Bluetooth connectivity. Flow-rate monitoring, greater responsiveness, optimized sunshine readability, new settings, a better battery, and a USB-C connector are also new features.

What is Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale in White?

A professional-grade smart scale called the Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale in White improves your coffee brewing by providing uniformity and information. But it offers all the assistance you require to brew the ideal cup of coffee.

Which Acaia Pearl S White is best?

The Acaia Pearl S White exceeds our expectations and is our top choice. It boasts a contemporary style, is rechargeable through a USB wire, and has Bluetooth syncing functionality. It also measures both weight and time, allowing you to pour at the proper speed for a perfect cup.

Waga Acaia NEW Pearl White Design:

Our focus on quality and precision gives our products their clean, minimalist look. Every component of them is hand-built and calibrated to be durable. But the scale’s dimensions (160mm x 160mm x 32mm) are ideal for weighing portafilters and all pour-over brewing techniques.


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