Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale

Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale


What’s in the box:

  • Acaia Lunar Scale
  • Heat-resistant silicone pad
  • 100-gram calibration weight
  • Stick-on scale feet
  • Micro USB charging cable

Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale Online

The weighing plate of the Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale folds down over the weighing tray, creating an inverted look. In essence, it is a scale that is upside down. But the interior of the scales is shielded by this distinctive design, making it water-resistant. A water-resistant coating is also applied to all electronic components, including the LED screen.

Why is Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale expensive?

The load cell is one of the primary causes. The component that measures weight is the load cell. The more expensive coffee scales, like the Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale, employ an extremely precise specialized load cell that is more sensitive to minute weight variations of 10 milligrams at a time.

Is an Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale (Black) worth it?

The Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale (Black) has long been highly respected for coffee scales. It is the coffee scale regarding efficiency, accuracy, and precision. Both baristas and home brewers love using this luxurious Scale. The high cost is the only drawback.

Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale in Black App Features:

  • Available on iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • Remote Scale: quickly brew at-a-glance.
  • Converter: Calculate ratios based on scale inputs for water and coffee weight.
  • Brewing Print: Live-graph and record your brews, then share or analyze them.
  • Store brew settings for 13 devices, plus 3 custom timers (v. 2).
  • Record your current and past Bean Stash, including options for green coffee for home roasters.
  • Create your Acaia social profile, find and add friends, and connect and share to Facebook or Twitter.



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